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The Battle For Kemet - Charles A. Grantham

I read this book, The Battle For Kemet - by Charles Grantham, in one sitting. I couldn't put it down. It is a collection of four essays each addressing a subject/topic area advanced by the White race to 'undo' Kemet's Blackness and to claim Kemet as a 'White Civilization'. However the author methodically examines each claim eventually unraveling and exposing the subterfuge. In chapter one the author examines the contention put forth by White 'Egyptologist' and historians that the people of Kemet called their home 'The Black Land' named for the soil brought forth by flood of the Nile river. Did they call it 'The Black Land' or 'Land of the Black People'? Using the language of Kemet - Mdw Ntr - to speak for itself the author demonstrates beyond doubt that it was not the former but the latter - 'Land of the Black People'. However, there is much more, he exposes the linguistic fraud to suggest 'The Black Land", the 'undoers' motivation behind it, and key players in this despicable scam.

Chapter two entitled: "Will the Real Champollion Please Stand?" locates the beginning of a stream feeding the modern effort to wrest Kemet from it Blackness. Napoleon's invasion set off an exchange among the early 'visitors' to Kemet that resounds till this day. One of the people accompanying him, Count Volney, wrote (in his book Ruins of Empires) of the Blackness of the people of Kemet; a subsequent 'visitor' Jean-Francois Champollion, upon seeing, to his amazement, the people of Kemet and their cousins, the Nubians, depicted as 'Black', and of the invaders - Semites and Europeans depicted as 'White' - he did the same thing, he wrote about it. However, with the altering of his writings, and two centuries later, you might just believe that he did not see what he said he saw, and that he did not write what he originally wrote. Beginning with his brother Champollion Figeac the 'modern' effort to wrest Kemet from its Blackness began. Yet, thanks to some great detective work, Grantham unearths the evidence - in photographs and letters - to set the record straight. You must read it for your self to get the details.

Chapter three entitled: "Unwrapping of Egyptology" should speak for itself; it doesn't so I'll say a little bit about it. Egyptologist, Frank Yurco, and to a lesser extent, Erik Hornung have been exposed and shown what is in store for 'Egyptology /Egyptologist'. In case you are not aware, the field of 'Egyptology' rather than be a science has been transformed into a 'pseudoscience' manned and 'wo-manned' by ideologues that've put the task of 'undoing' Kemet from its Blackness above and beyond reveling its greatness. It has become more a show of magicians seeking to outdo one another in making the facts and artifacts that identify Kemet's Blackness disappear. Some of the trickery (lies and evidence withholding) and tricksters (Yurco ad Hornung) are exposed by the wonderful sleight of hand (the writing of course) of Mr. Grantham.

Chapter four entitled: "Howe's Howl" shows to what extent racism drives some people to make claims for a heritage that is not theirs. Remember Dr. Bobby Wright says "racist are psychopaths" for whom truth and facts have no standing, "they will simply set them aside" to achieve their agenda. Author Stephen Howe and his odious tome entitled, of all things, 'Afrocentrism' is methodically examined to show that he has no respect for facts or truth; instead attacks its messengers ' - Afrocentrist' scholars. Rather than address the evidence they adduce to prove Kemet civilization as African, he, feigns an offensive attack, kicks sand in the face of his readers to distract them while he dodges the facts, and in its stead engages in specious diatribe - i.e. appearances of no substance. Grantham points out that Howe "resort[s] to insinuation, sarcasm, and…trivialization of evidence" He "attempts to conceal, distort, belittle and marginalize facts that contradict the Eurocentric conceptualization of ancient Egyptian history," even though he "admittedly has no expertise in Egyptology or African History". I guess another case of 'White know-it-allism' gone mad. I enjoyed Grantham's picking apart 'Howe's hollow' and the racism that fuels it. Thanks to Charles Grantham, the chicanery of Steven Howl has been revealed as another episode of the racist 'boy who cried wolf'.

The Battle For Kemet - by Charles Grantham is a very serious critique of the racist enterprise, and its fraternity members, to 'undo' Kemet's Blackness. It is another death knell to the pseudoscience of "Egyptology/Egyptologist"; and it is a tool in the arsenals of the 'Followers of Heru' who would rightfully reestablish truth upon its throne. Thank you, Charles Grantham for this excellent work. To you the reader, seeker of truth and justice, get and read this book as a testament to its existence.

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