Forthcoming Reviews:

Kush: The Jewel Of Nubia - Miriam Ma'at-Ka-Re Monges
Publisher: Africa World Press

The God Genes Decoded - R.A. Waldron
Publisher: Owl & Dove Publishing

The Libyan Period In Egypt - G.P.F. Broekman
Publisher: Peeters, Leuven

The Libyan Anarchy - Robert K. Ritner
Publisher: Society Of Biblical Literature

Eracing Racism - Molefi K. Asante
Publisher: Prometheus Books

Minoan Kingship and the Solar Goddess: A Near Eastern Koine - Nanno Marinatos
Publisher: University Of Illinois Press

Between Two Worlds: The Frontier Region Between Ancient Nubia and Egypt 3700 BC - 500 AD - Laszlo Torok
Publisher: Brill Academic

Arabia Felix: An Exploration Of The Archaeological History Of Yemen - Alessandro de Maigret
Publisher: Stacey International

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