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Chapters, Verse, and Volumes Literary Reviews Program: features reviews, news, and interviews with authors, publishers and purveyors of books. Topics ranging from Ancient Civilizations, African American and African Global Interest, Business, Science, Local and Global Issues, and more, addressed from a literary perspective.

Our reviews and schedules are topic driven rather than based on 'new' publications, this way we are able to feature new and older publications. Additionally, our topical discussions, particularly over radio, allow us to feature several books at one time for review and discussion - and especially for comparison. This way we are able to focus on, for example, Ancient Nubian Civilization, or Ancient Astronomy, rather than the subject of a single book. However, most of our on-air reviews are of single books; and, all of our written reviews are.

Your participation is welcomed in the way of dialogs on our radio show, and with responses to our published reviews, and with your topic suggestions. Feel free to contact us at: ChaptersVerseAndVolumes.com

Our History:
Chapters, Verse and Volumes began in 1990 as a Literary Reviews Program that aired over Morgan State University Radio. In 2008 Chapters, Verse, and Volumes migrated to the Internet contributing reviews to a variety of web sites, before launching our own. Now, not only are we featuring published reviews, we have returned to the airways with Chapters, Verse, and Volumes: Literary Reviews Program on BlogTalk Radio.

Submissions For Review:
You are welcomed to submit your publications for review consideration. However, we do not guarantee that your publication will be reviewed - if it is, it is at our discretion whether the review will be a published one, or will occur over our radio program, or both. Send your correspondence to: CVV Reviews, c/o Heru-Ka Anu, 6037 Liberty Road - Suite 6, Baltimore, Maryland 21207

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